Mark your belongings with your name and bib number- mark your kids too. Just in case.​​  

NO HEADPHONES or portable music players- they interfere with volunteer instructions.

A Triathlon for the Whole Family

April 23, 2017

Focused on introducing multi-sport to the next generation; youth and their adult mentors can race side by side in a fun, non-competitive event.

All ages welcome! Different distances, NO timing pressure, and awards for all make the Tucson Family Triathlon a great event for families, youth, and the mentors that guide them.

Good sportsmanship, safe conduct, and rules of etiquette will be encouraged. Remember that as adults, we show the youth we mentor by example. We want every participant to go home with a smile.

Economic registration makes it possible for everyone to try a Tri!

Includes the Family Tri- fun event, water bottle , swim cap, finishers award, refreshments, music, and fun. Registration is OPEN on event day starting at 7 am.

Course Specifics

All ages are welcome! This event is focused on youth, mentorship, and families. But adults who want to try a fun event in a fun environment area are also welcome, as long as they are good examples to the kids.

SAFETY is our first concern.

Each child participant will be allowed 1 mentor in transition to help them.

To check in your bike and your child’s bike, you must have the corresponding bib and bike number.

Mentors must remain on the grounds or event course.

Transition area will have a few bike racks for larger children. Otherwise, set bike on the ground using kick stands or laying them down between the cones.

Remember Transition area is a safe zone. No riding bikes in transition. Be careful of other athletes in transition. Always yield to younger athletes.

Swim: JCC pool

An organized waiting area will allow for the orderly flow of waves and empty lanes will be filed by swimmers in the ‘bullpen’ area.

Listen for DJ announcing waves times.

200 yd participants will have the first set of swim waves and will be called at their approximate times by the DJ, swim, then exit West to the Red transition. Use CAUTION in the chute as other athletes will be approaching the pool where you exit.

50 yd participants will have the second set of swim waves and will be called at their approximate times by the DJ, Swim, then exit West to the Blue transition. Use CAUTION in the chute, as other athletes will be approaching the pool where you exit.

25 yd participants will have the last swim waves and exit to transition area.

Kick boards will be provided for those who are not confident swimmers.You may bring a kick board. No other flotation is allowed. Mentors are allowed in the pool to assist. Mentors can and should intervene if they feel their child is in danger or is uncomfortable. Mentors are responsible for their child’s safety at all times.

Bike: Sculpture Garden for 3-5, Loop for all others

Safety is #1 priority. Helmets and bar end plugs are required. Helmets must be worn at all times with moving a bicycle during the event.

Biking on the Loop is FOR FUN! This is not a competitive event. Public use of the loop is allowed during the event. Watch for other people carefully.

Walk bikes in transition area until the mount/dismount line at the Loop.

Ages 3-6 will follow the sidewalk in the sculpture garden.

Ages 6-12 may have an adult mentor help in transition. The mentor may register to accompany the youth on the bike and run course.

Ages 6-12 bike on the Loop, turn at the first water stop and return to the JCC.

Ages 12+ are expected to act independently in transition area and on the event course. An adult mentor may help in transition if needed. Adult mentors who wish to accompany their youth on the bike or run should register for the event.

Ages 12 + bike on the Loop, turn at the 2nd water stop, and return to the JCC.

Run: Parking area, North of Pool. Follow signs are arrows.

Good sportsmanship and safety is our #1 priority. Be polite and supportive to other athletes. Report injuries to volunteers immediately. Have fun!

 Please follow volunteer instructions and signs.

1) Be Safe!  Our first priority in this event is that every person has a safe and enjoyable day.  Please watch out for yourself, for those around you, and for those who might not be paying attention. I mean seriously, we have like a hundred 9 year old boys on bicycles here... not the best recipe for safety.  But if we encourage them and each other to keep speeds slow, be polite, wear helmets, and practice good sportsmanship, it's going to work out! 

Parents should use their good sense to protect their children and other children from danger and all times an intervene if they deem it prudent to do so.

Example 1- your child is struggling, but not drowning enough for the guard to leave his post... Jump in! It's ok for you to intervene. We want you to.

Example 2- the 7 year old in front of you just fell off his bike and is about to be creamed by a bigger kid... Stop the big kid and pick up the little one.  Picking each other up is part of the game sometimes.

Example 3- a child is wandering in the parking area unsupervised and you feel he or she may be lost or in danger of being hit... Please take the child back to the transition area. We will have a safe place for kids to wait for their parents if they become separated. 

2) Be fair.  There is no timing in this event. That means pushing, shoving, cutting, rude passing, any kind of aggression or meanness is just not necessary. If we all get to the finish line, we all get a prize. Let's do our best to help each other to get there. If someone in front of you falls down, pick them up and help them keep going. Trust me. That's totally better than stepping on them to get to the finish line just to realize that you get the same prize anyway. No child left behind? wait...

3) Be persistent- Triathlon is challenging and tiring. Take time to lace up your shoes, buckle your helmet, hydrate, use the potty beforehand, and enjoy the event. You don't ever have to quit if you're too tired. You can walk across the finish line and it's a great way to spend your day. 


 Your approximate wave time will also be announced by the DJ according to distance: 200, 50. or 25. However, if you are not there at the appointed time, just speak to the Swim Course Director and you can line up when you show up and complete your swim.

TIMING there is none. If you want to be timed, please bring your own timing devices.  This is a participatory event meant to keep us all healthy and having fun. Let's keep it super happy. Oh yes. Super. Happy! 

BIKE RACKS are provided for bigger kids and adults, but you don't need to use them if you don't want to. We expect the little ones to use kick stands or just set their bikes on the ground. Bigger kids and adults can rack their bikes or lay bikes beside your kids bikes in transition. 

SPECTATORS are welcome and encouraged. Please yield at all times to event participants to keep things smooth.

STROLLERS? Joggers? Trailers? Yes they are permitted.  But please keep them to the far right of the path at all times and NO two abreast riding. Allow others to pass you please. Unless your kid is tossing goodies out of the jogger as you go to reward those who are following you, which is beyond great. But it had better be gummy bears or laffy taffy. I don't like those half chewed goldfish.  

PETS are not permitted. But they're family! I know. Sad day. But with so many kids, we will have some that are afraid of or allergic to your pet. And then the kids cry, and then their parents cry, and then I cry, and even your pet starts to feel sad at that point. Unless your pet is a licensed therapy or guide animal permitted by federal law, please leave them at home and show them the pictures after. But even the guide animals should probably avoid the pool. I mean, wet dog smell on Tri day? gross.

PARKING is primarily at the TJCC main lot. Secondary parking will be permitted at Brandi Fenton Park. Please come early enough to give yourself time to walk your bike from the park to the JCC. Remember to cross at the crosswalk obeying traffic signals please.

General Rules and Instructions

Read these. Like. All of them.

What to Bring? 

  • Snacks and water bottle
  • Sun Screen
  • Towel
  • Goggles
  • Bike Helmet- MANDATORY
  • Closed toed shoes- MANDATORY
  • Swim Caps (optional)
  • Bibs and bike numbers
  • Black marker 
  • Duct tape - never hurts
  • Bandages
  • Something to record your awesomeness like a camera
  • Remember your smile.
  • Bring Excellent sportsmanship

DO NOT bring Headphones to listen during the event.