Important things to know!

You need to match your bib number or body marks to your bike number to leave transition.

Parents can  help in transition. Parents or mentors who would like to be on the course or in the pool should register to complete the event with you.

Run out of transition from the Basketball court towards and past the Tennis courts then circling around the outside of the pool area towards the back parking lot.  Where the runners will serpentine ONCE within the parking lot OUT the ENTER way, around THA School, past the Tucson Jewish Federation building and back IN the EXIT of the back parking and towards the pool area and out to the finish line.   Lots of flags, cones, and happy cheering people will get you to the finish line.


Bike Numbers should be displayed as above, on the bike front. Volunteers will look for the BLUE stripe to help you turn around at the first water stop on the bike route.  

You will WALK or jog your bike at all times in transition area and until the MOUNT/DISMOUNT. 

The Loop continues to be open to the public. Please keep that in mind and be considerate to others. 

You will ride until the water stop, which will be just before the Swan road underpass. Volunteers who see your BLUE striped bike number should help you know when to turn around. 


Swim wave start is the second wave- listen to announcer for exact time. Your swim wave is determined by your bib number assignment.  Pay attention to your start time as listed on your PACKET. Listen for DJ instructions and start times. Know your bib number. And if all else fails, just wander over poolside. The swim course director will fit you in.

You MAY swim in the same wave with family members or friends without consulting the race organizers. Because we aren't timing, we'll just ask you to come line up close to one of your assigned times in the proper distance group. 


6-11 year old youth racing mid distance or their mentors should plan on setting bikes on the ground or using kick stands in the fenced transition area. There will be a limited number of racks available, but they may be too tall. Bike numbers  are also BLUE.

BLUE bike numbers should be displayed on the front of the bike, like so.  

If you are a MENTOR, you may rack your bike on the bike racks. It's all about if you're tall enough to reach the racks. 


Ages 6-11

with their Mentors or solo

50yd swim/ 3 mile bike/ .5 mile run