This age group must be accompanied by a registered adult. This age group must be checked in and out of transition by an adult. And you parents or mentors will want to come ready to swim because you are encouraged to be in the pool with your little darling :) Family Fun!!

Important Things You REALLY need to know

Run out of transition and follow the signs to Finish line with the BIG KIDS.  Lots of flags, cones, and happy cheering people will get you to the finish line.


For safety with bigger bikers, we decided to let the 3-5 year olds Cycle around the Sculpture Garden sidewalk area.  Cycles, push bikes, training wheels are welcome. Helmets are required for everyone on wheels. And superhero caps are encouraged.

Place the bike numbers like so. 


Final wave start- Please listen for announcements.

25 yards in the pool

can be completed with parent aid. Parents MUST be in the pool with this age group for safety floating or swimming beside your child. Kick boards are available as a help. No other flotation devices are permitted. Not even the puffy ones with the duckies on them.  Honestly, you parents and mentors are a little too big for those to be comfy on your arms anyway.



Ages 3-5- 

25 yd swim/ .25 bike/ .25 run

Must be accompanied by an Adult at all times please. I know I didn't really have to tell you. Because you will not want to miss a single instant of the cuteness that happens here.

The Transition area has a designated zone for the cutest of our guys and gals.  .