Transition area is tightly controlled for the safety of the athletes and the bikes.  You will need to have your bib or body markings match up with your bike number

to enter and exit transition and to check your bike in and out.

Important things to know

Run out of transition from the Basketball court towards and past the Tennis courts then circling around the outside of the pool area towards the back parking lot.  Where the runners will serpentine within the parking lot OUT the ENTER way, around THA School, past the Tucson Jewish Federation building and back IN the EXIT of the back parking  and return for a second lap around the run course and then towards the pool area and out to the finish line.   Lots of flags, cones, and happy cheering people will get you to the finish line. 


Your bike number should be mounted on your bike post or your central frame. 

Leaving from the transition area, you will walk or jog

your bike to the mount/dismount line. You will ride about 2.5 miles on the Loop and turn just before Craycroft.  There is a turning point at mile 1.5 for the BLUE athletes. You are welcome to stop for water, but should keep going to the 2nd water stop near Craycroft before turning back.

The Loop is open to the public and there will be MANY other people on bikes. Please ride single file and pass with caution. Please show good sportsmanship by being patient and kind to the other athletes, especially the littler ones. You are what they want to be! You can show them how a hero completes a race by being a good sport.  So if a little kid falls down ahead of you, it's probably better to stop and help him up instead of biking over him. Just sayin'.


First swim wave start is set for the 200 yd serpentine swim.
You will self seed at the start line. Earlier for faster swimmers.

It IS ok for you to swim with family members or friends in a different swim wave as long as they are also swimming the 200. Just stand in line with them. 

Being early to your swim time is great and you'll swim in the order that you arrive within your wave.


You may rack your bike on the racks provided if your bike is big enough that one bike tire touches the ground. You can also use a kick stand or set your bike on the ground.  You may rack your things next to family members or friends in the BLUE area, as they are connected. 


Ages 12 +

with mentors or solo or as a RELAY TEAM!

YOUNGER ages are acceptable by parent discretion

200 yd swim/ 5 mile bike/ 1 mile run