Free Training Day

for kids 7-14- space is limited

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Come join the Purple Minions to learn a little more about the Sport of Triathlon.  This is a KIDS ONLY event on April 6th at 5:45-6:45pm.  Meet at the outdoor basketball court with all your gear (see list below).  The coaches of the Purple Minions will teach the kids how to set up their transition and what you have to do between each sport. 

Please be ready to Swim, bike and run this evening!  Also bring all your triathlon gear with you and be ready to practice. The night will be lots of fun and games about triathlon and by the end you will know what to do at the Family Tri.
Swim suit or Tri clothing. (what you will be racing in!)

Hand Towel
Bath Towel
Tennis shoes
Bike & helmet
water bottle

at the Jewish Community Center

​3800 E River Road

Is it really for

YES! Tucson Family Triathlon Is meant to include the whole family! And if you don't have one, you can borrow one. Mentors are welcome to bring friends or youth to participate.
Kids age 3 -5 with a parent or Mentor (the cutest age group)

KIds age 6-12 Flying solo or with a Mentor to help them along (matching super hero outfits encouraged)

Kids age 12+ doing a first event or acting as a mentor for another youth! Show them what good sportsmanship is Relay Teams are welcome for the Super Sprint distance! 200yd swim/ 5 mile bike/ 1mile run.

Adults are welcome to participate individually or as mentors! Given that this is a family centered event, not a Boston qualifier, you'd better like kids :) 

Pets- are not invited to this one. Sorry. We know they want to come.  So when we said everybody?  We meant Every-non-fur-buddy. He's not that fast on the bike anyway.
All this happiness and oh so reasonably priced! 

Youth- $15 by 4/1- $20 after
includes a water bottle and finishers prize!

Adults: $20 by 4/1- $25 after
water bottle and finisher prizes for you too!

Family of 6 registration-$55 by 4/1 $65
Relay teams of 2 or 3- $55

Don't go too crazy with this please- we want to include all the folks with multiple kids or grandkids, but if you bring the high school track team, that's a little over the top.
We trust in your prudence here. But if you legitimately have more than 4 kids, yes fosters count as yours, email and she will add the other kids to your team. 



So Very

April 23, 2017, 

8 am start, 7 am transition opens

at the Jewish Community Center

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